Scaleway NVIDIA H100 Performance evaluation

Published: Jan. 30, 2024, midnight

Scaleway, a European and French cloud provider, recently launched new VMs powered by NVIDIA H100 GPUs. As the GPU cloud is a vast area where it's difficult for consumers to understand and find the best value for their business, they commissioned Cloud Mercato to carry out a prospecting, then an analysis of the potential competitors of their H100.

This project aims to compare the new Scaleway H100 against a panel of GPU VMs directly available in the public cloud market. Our analysis will mainly focus on the performance of panel of GPUs facing several realistic workloads:

InvokeAI: Image manipulation framework, we focus on the text-to-image workload
Ollama: Chatbot using llama with the different size of llama models
Whisper: Speech-to-text models